This is the time to become a Virtual Assistant (VA)!  Working from home is no longer relegated to unachievable dreams. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is now a reality for anyone with administrative experience, a computer and the support to make it happen.  Elayne and Janice’s new book is that much needed support for Virtual Assistants worldwide and is a welcome addition to this emerging and exciting industry.


When I first became a Virtual Assistant, it was a tough struggle from start-up to success.  It was a time consuming mission to find even the smallest tidbit of information to answer the tiniest of questions I had revolving in my head regarding starting up a virtual assistant business.  There were few if any resourceful books or other social networks to satisfy my quest to learn more on this topic.  Then along came Elayne and Janice who were one of the first contributors to my success as a VA.  It was their organization, Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC) that I first joined after a long hard search on the internet for more information on this unknown term “virtual assistant”.  It was at CVAC that many of my questions were finally answered.  This led me onto the path of eventually leading a worldwide network of Virtual Assistants as well as becoming a major spokesperson in the VA industry, a feat I never would have dreamed possible at that time.  Kudos and many thanks to Janice and Elayne for their contribution to my success and for now taking it one step further and authoring, How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business to further help others just like me make a mark for themselves as a Virtual Assistant.


This book demystifies the questions every Virtual Assistant will have when developing their business.  Most of all, it challenges the Virtual Assistant chapter after chapter to operate and build a successful Virtual Assistant practice no matter who they are or where they are located.  It can be achieved by each and every individual by simply following this book from start to finish. By paying careful attention to the following pages, you will have the opportunity to unravel the (not so) complex steps to building a successful Virtual Assistant business.  You’ll read about the important business planning stages, setting up your office, developing your service list, marketing for new clients, training and certifications, balancing business and family life, not to mention the marvellous resource tools found within this book. The reader can view this as a “how-to” manual or strategic business planner.  Either way, it will benefit both new and veteran VAs in developing their dreams of obtaining a successful Virtual Assistant business.


Had this VA resource book been around when I was starting out, I know my journey would have been not only considerably shorter but much less stressful.  I wish all Virtual Assistants the success in building their new Virtual Assistant business.  Trust me, from one VA to another, this book will be a resource that you will be regularly taking down from the library shelf for a long time to come.  Make sure it reachable on your bookcase!


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS


Founder of VAnetworking.com, the Original Virtual Assistant Networking Forum since 2003 and Author of the Virtual Business Startup System (VBSS).  A Certified Internet Marketing Specialist, Tawnya also runs Mediamage Business Solutions helping her clients turn their website clicks into cash.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.


I’ve known Elayne and Janice since the humble beginnings of my own virtual assistant business, a business that has grown by leaps and bounds due in no small part to the generosity of women like them. Their tireless contributions to the industry through their organization, the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC), have made a real, tangible difference to a virtual landscape that at times can feel unconquerable and downright lonely for the aspiring VA.

Today I run a full fledged Internet marketing consulting business, but my “roots” wholeheartedly remain in the VA world. The men and women of virtual assistance are like no other group of entrepreneurs I’ve encountered. They are innovative; they are tireless; they are brilliant in their drive to build something great from something humble; and they are generous to the point where you need to call a great many of the ones you meet “friend.”

So when it came to my attention that Elayne and Janice had written a comprehensive how-to for developing a successful VA practice, I was thrilled. (I was also hugely disappointed that I didn’t have such a resource when I started my own business years ago.)

Elayne and Janice were pioneers of online community building for women entrepreneurs in Canada. Today they are pioneers of virtual leadership in knowledge building and sharing. Congratulations to them both. And congratulations to YOU, the aspiring Virtual Assistant, for making the decision to put yourself in the know. For that is exactly what How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business will do for you.

To Your Empowerment,

Karri Flatla, B.Mgt.
Internet Marketing Consultant
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I had the opportunity to review Elayne and Janice’s new book when I attended FoVA earlier this month. I was thrilled to see that it is a very comprehensive book that looks like a truly EXCELLENT guide for burgeoning VAs.


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How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business by Elayne Whitfield and Janice Byer is an absolute 'must read' for new and/or aspiring Virtual Assistants.


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